Plant type 10% Indica 90% Sativa
THC Up to 18%
CBD Insignificant amounts
Difficulty Moderate
Climate Indoors | Temperate  | Mold Resistant
Plant size Tall
Flowers 9 weeks
Yields 19 oz per 3x3ft
Taste & Smell Earthy | Herbal | Lemon | Skunk
Effects Creative | Energetic | Euphoric | Happy | Uplifted



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weed shop australia. Super silver haze is an indica-dominant stress with an aroma of citrus, menthol, and pine. Its taste consists of a touch of eucalyptus in addition to citrus and pine. Many like this stress for its innovative and motivating effects, stimulation of the appetite, and tendency to elevate your mood. This stress grows properly outdoors, offers extraordinary yields, and is straightforward to develop.

  • – Feminized plants
  • – Indica-dominant at 90% to 10 sativa
  • – Has a medium to excessive THC stage of round 18%
  • – Medium CBD levels
  • – Grows as much as 7 toes tall
  • – Yield is excessive with approximately 19 oz. in step with 3 rectangular toes
  • – Grows first-class withinside the sun
  • – Easy to develop outdoors

weed shop australia

Experiencing The Super Silver Haze Strain
Super Silver Haze’s consequences come on fast. It’s 18% THC is deceptively strong, incomes this stress the nickname, “one-hitter quitter.” It does not take tons to experience this stress.

The consequences are usually happiness, accompanied via way of means of relaxation, with a very last impact of uncontrollable smiling. You can also expand the giggles. Super Silver Haze is a remarkable manner to begin the day, because the impact is likewise clean and active. Creativity normally happens with use.

Super Silver Haze can now and again motive an excessive amount of creativity withinside the shape of paranoia, so begin slow. This stress can also additionally result in dry eyes, cottonmouth, dizziness or a minor headache.

Super Silver Haze Taste & Smell

Super Silver Haze’s aroma will supply your mind cells an invigorating wake-up call. There’s a combination of candy and skunk that defines its wealthy hybrid background.

When smoked, its taste is each natural and spicy. There’s a full-bodied, earthy impact, blended with a observe of citrus it really is distinguished with every toke. Afterward, you can discover lemon flavors lingering in your tongue.

Uses for Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze makes you experience good. Its Sativa genetics move immediately for the mood, turning in satisfied or probably euphoric emotions all through the body. This makes it perfect for stress, tension, depression, or another difficulty that would gain from a extrade of view. Super Silver Haze’s mood-changing opportunities additionally encompass assisting you overlook approximately pain.

This marijuana stress has slight THC ranges and is appropriate for sunlight hours use. You can gain from Super Silver Haze’s cerebral consequences at the same time as ultimate clean-headed all through the day. Its active features make it a great suit for combating fatigue, at the same time as its innovative inclinations assist people who want it, focus.





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