Plant type 20% Indica 80% Sativa
THC Up to 21%
CBD Insignificant amounts
Climate Indoors | Mediterranean
Plant size Tall
Flowers 9 weeks
Yields 21 to 25 oz per 3x3ft
Taste & Smell Citrus | Earthy | Lemon | Sweet
Effects Creative | Energetic | Euphoric | Happy | Uplifted
Awards Cannabis Cup | Sativa Cup



medical weed in australia

medical weed in australia. This is a sativa-dominant pressure at 80% as opposed to 20% indica. It produces wonderful THC stages withinside the 22% variety however CBD stages decrease than 1%. If you need to lessen anxiety, assist alleviate depression, lessen fatigue, enhance temper swings, lessen continual pain, or assist with migraine, this is a superb pressure to develop and use. Many love its fruity, clean flavor blended with a peppery, earthy, and candy smell. It can come up with a dry mouth and purple eyes in case you are susceptible to those effects. It grows nicely outdoors, produces first-rate yields, and is simple to develop for novices.

  • -Feminized flowers
  • -Sativa dominant at 80% as opposed to 20 indica
  • -Excellent THC stages round 21%
  • -Average or medium CBD stages
  • -Tall flowers as much as almost 8 feet
  • -Good yield of round 19 oz. in line with 3 rectangular feet
  • -Grows excellent in sunny locations
  • -Excellent desire for novices and out of doors growing

medical weed in australia

Amnesia Haze Taste & Smell
Firstly, Amnesia Haze brings customers earthy flavors mixed with lemons and citrus. The flavor is exceptional, with a touch of lemony sweetness left for your tongue and lips. Its citrus undertones are each engaging and mouth-watering.

Secondly, The heady fragrance of this hashish stress is extraordinarily pleasant. With every puff, the air is packed with the wonder and sourness of clean lemons. This is a super stress that will help you begin the day without work with a smile.

Thirdly, For a huge excessive that won”t positioned you to bed, attempt the lemony, citrusy, earthy flavors of Amnesia Haze. Experience the lively excessive of a sativa-dominant stress of hashish, even as maintaining your innovative thoughts intact.

Uses for Amnesia Haze
More so, Amnesia Haze will elevate your temper and may set off a extreme case of the munchies. It has additionally been stated to be super for strain relief.

Buy Amnesia Haze Feminized Seeds
You should buy Amnesia seeds consistent with separate percent of 5, 10, or 20 seeds. For a good simpler developing experience, we provide the Amnesia Haze stress as an autoflower seed.

For different a laugh traces to experience even as experiencing the super outdoors, test out the Outdoor Seed Mixpack. This is a closely discounted mixture deal which include OG Kush and Super Skunk feminized seeds.

You also can keep on huge-yielding traces with the High Yield Mixpack. This percent capabilities Amnesia Haze along Big Bud and Chocolope feminized seeds.




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