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Is Weed Legal in Australia? While the legislation will vary from state to state, weed is still illegal for recreational use in Australia,medical vary. Marijuana laws in Australia seem to be constantly in flux in recent years. As a whole, citizens are becoming more supportive of legalising marijuana as a whole, especially in light of other countries .

Medical Cannabis Usecannabis australia – cannabis tincture australia

Marijuana for medical use is allow in Australia for severe illnesses and with a prescription. Under the law, those who are allow medical access to the herb may possess up to 50 grams at a time or grow up to 2 plants per person (4 plants per household). Each state has its own guidelines for what medical conditions qualify for marijuana use.

Recreational Cannabis Use – cannabis strains in australia – cannabis legalization australia

With the exception of Canberra, the recreational use of marijuana is illegal throughout the country of Australia. The penalties of breaking the law will vary from state to state. Each state will also have its own guidelines on the extent that Australians are allow to use Cannabis products overall.

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Penalties – Trafficking & Supply
While trafficking and supply laws will vary state to state, if your with more than a “personal supply” of marijuana, you can face heavy fines and jail time. This will typically depend on the amount you possess up to over $750,000 in fines and life in prison ( Victoria).

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Outside of Canberra, you can be fine and face jail time if you are cultivating marijuana without medical permission. In fact, in Queensland, you can be in trouble if one of your tennants is growing marijuana on your property, even if your unaware of their actions. As with trafficking, the fines and jail time will vary depending on the number of plants you are cultivating.

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